A Fond Farewell from Lisa Davis, IAWJ Executive Director

(August 1, 2015- April 9, 2019)

Dear IAWJ members,   

Thank you for making me a part of this great sisterhood of judges.  I am inspired by what you do every day as judges and the mark you have made on your courts—from creating specialized courts and services, leading gender commissions in the judiciary, providing judicial education on new subjects, and advancing the principle of judging with a gender perspective.  The most exciting part for me has been participating in the regional meetings and biennial conferences and hearing how you issued judgments or dissenting opinions with courage and intellect that make a difference in people’s lives.  When women judges lead, great things happen.  

No doubt all of you have met some form of resistance as a female judge along your career, and I know that the IAWJ friendships and our professional network provides you the strength to persevere, the camaraderie, the laughter and the dancing to brush aside those experiences.  

I hope that you feel I have contributed to the IAWJ over the last three years and nine months as Executive Director.  I will miss the valuable leadership by Board members who guided me and worked with me to sustain a strong association.  I will miss being surrounded by my colleagues on the professional staff who are so passionate and committed to our mission.  Most of all, I will miss the friendships you have given me in every part of the world.  

My last day at the IAWJ will be August 9th.  I wish you a wonderful future ahead as the IAWJ and in your careers!   

Lisa Davis