A Video on the First Gender Based Violence Court in Pakistan

Punjab, Pakistan | In January 2017, the International Association of Women Judges launched a 15 month program entitled “Promoting Gender Equality in Pakistan’s Justice System” to enhance the capacity of Pakistani women to preserve law and order, promote gender equality, and serve as role models in the justice system. Women Pakistani judges wanted to share experiences, develop strategies, and enhance their professional capacity with the goal of improving working conditions for female judges and addressing gender issues in court.  Our program supported conferences, training, and the creation of an association of women judges in the Punjab Province for judicial exchange and local initiatives. 

In October 2017, Pakistan’s first gender based violence (GBV) court was inaugurated in Lahore, Punjab. Punjab had been experiencing a steady increase of GBV cases with Lahore having the highest number of cases.

Here we have a video of this court and the benefits it has had for GBV violence victims.