Hon. Imani Daud Aboud

High Court of Tanzania

Tanga, Tanzania

Hon. Judge Imani Aboud is currently a Judge in charge of the High Court of Tanzania, Tanga Zone and President of the Tanzania Women Judges Association (TAWJA) from January 2015 – January, 2017. She is also a TAWJA trainer who has been involved in the association’s different training programs, including Sextortion. Before she was appointed a Judge in 2006, she was an Assistant Director of the President’s Office, Public Service Management. She also worked as a State Attorney at the Attorney General’s Chambers up to 2001.

Hon. Judge Aboud is among the founders of the Commission for Human Rights and Good Governance (CHRAGG) of Tanzania which was established in 2000. She coordinated the Secretariat that laid down the foundation for the establishment of the commission. Hon. Judge Imani Aboud was a Vice Chairperson of the Kenya Independent Review Election Commission (IREC), which was mandated to examine the Kenyan 2007 Elections with the objective of measuring how adequately the legal and Constitutional framework met the standards of the key elections and democratic principles of universal suffrage.

Hon. Judge Aboud was a member of Tanzania taskforce of the Local Government reform and Labour Law Reforms. She also participated in a team which conducted the public-sector reform in Tanzania specifically focused on system reforms. She also led a committee which reviewed Tanzania children law, married law and inheritance law in 1999. Hon Aboud is currently a SADC Region Board Member of the Citizen for Justice (CFJ) from April 2016. She also attended the CSW meetings in the UN-New York from 2000 to 2014