Secretary/Treasurer Hon. Mina Sougrati

Administrative Tribunal of Casablanca

Casablanca, Morocco

Mina Sougrati is currently president of chamber in the administrative tribunal in Casablanca. Before she was Royal Commissionar to defend law and right in the court of Meknes since 2007. Prior to her nomination a judge, she was responsible in the ministry of the interior since 1986. She participated in founding the program of the National Human Development Initiative, and was nominated the head of the Department of NHDI on 2005.
Hon. Sougrati is currently the president of Moroccan women judges (Union of Moroccan Women Judges) and the Moroccan chapter of IAWJ. She serves also the board of directors as a Regional Director of Europe and Mena region. Hon. Sougrati is an expert in Human Rights and Gender Equality, having received a diploma from Swedish university on 2010, a master of administrative law from university of Casablanca on 2012, a bachelors in English Literature on 2015, and is currently preparing a PhD in human rights (application of CEDAW recommendations through the jurisprudence). She speaks Arabic, French, English, and Spanish, as well as understands dialects of Middle East countries.
She contributed in the reform of justice system in Morocco since 2012.
She participated in numerous conferences national and international about fair trail – violence against women – child marriage – human trafficking.
Among her ambitions to strengthen IAWJ and attract all the women judges of the world to be members.