Joanne Samuel Goldblum

National Diaper Bank Network

New Haven, CT, United States

Joanne Samuel Goldblum is the founder and Executive Director of the National Diaper Bank Network. Prior to this she was a clinical faculty member at Yale University School of Medicine, Family Support Services. She has extensive experience working with children and families and is an expert on child poverty issues and the leading voice on diaper need in America. In 2007 she was chosen as a Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leader. Joanne has served on New Haven’s Homeless Commission and its Early Childhood Council as well as the State of CT Parents With Cognitive Limitation’s Workgroup. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Let There Be Light International and Fit Haven and in the past has served on board of pre-schools, independent day schools and other non-profits devoted to supporting children and families. Joanne has a BA from New York University and an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work.