Founder Arline Pacht

International Association of Women Judges

Washington, DC


In 1991, Judge Arline Pacht founded and served as the first President of the International Association of Women Judges.  As founding President, she designed and developed a number of projects including the Association’s pioneering human rights educational program for judges, “Towards a Jurisprudence of Equality”  or JEP.

After graduating first in her class from George Washington University School, Judge Pacht began her legal career with the National Labor Relations Board.  She then joined the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, representing indigent persons accused of crimes, after which she served as a supervisory attorney in the Office for Civil Rights with the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Thereafter, Arline was appointed an administrative law judge with the National Labor Relations Board, retiring in 1998 to serve as the IAWJ’s Executive Director.  She left this position in 2002, but continues to work closely with the Association, serving as editor of  its newsletter, Counterbalance International and member of the Board of Managerial Trustees. On leaving office, the IAWJ honored Judge Pacht with its Human Rights Award at its Dublin, Ireland Conference in 2002.