Annual Report of the National Association of Women Judges

National Association of Women Judges (NAWJ) and Board Member, Hon. Lisette Shirdan-Harris, submitted NAWJ’s Annual Report during this year’s Board Meeting in New York.

In the report, she highlighted NAWJ’s participation in national, regional and international conferences. She also informed about NAWJ’s programs, and past and coming events.

Hon. Shirdan-Harris particularly underscored there of NAWJ’s programs: “From the Bar to the Bench,” “Color of Justice,” and “Informed Voters-Fair Judges.”

From the Bar to the Bench “encourages women lawyers to consider judicial careers and seeks to make the process of appointments and elections to the bench more transparent and accessible.”

Color of Justice promotes legal careers for girls and minorities. NAWJ hosts groups of girls and provides them with career advice and resources.

Finally, the Informed Voters-Fair Judges Project increases awareness of the US judicial system and promotes an independent, fair, and impartial judiciary.

You can find the complete report below.