Asociacion de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina Prepares for the 14th IAWJ Biennial Conference

The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) and the Asociacion de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina (AMJA) are honored to invite members to the 14th IAWJ Biennial Conference to take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 2nd-6th, 2018. The IAWJ Biennial Conference brings our members from around the world to exchange knowledge, experiences, jurisprudence, and wisdom, as well as to strengthen ties of friendship. Members in attendance will elect representatives to the Board of Directors at this meeting.

The Argentinian Women Judges look forward to welcoming judges from countries with widely varying legal systems, cultures, religions, and histories, knowing that the global movement to which we all belong is unique — and allows us to work together for the human rights of women. Themes of the educational sessions will include curbing violence against women, addressing human trafficking, gender equality and discrimination in the workplace, institutional reforms and technological revolution, judicial communication, and strengthening communication and development projects among IAWJ chapters and the IAWJ. A special request for speakers will be sent to the membership in October 2017.

The theme of the 2018 Conference is “Building Bridges between Women Judges of the World.” We are sure that this theme will lead to enriching, stimulating, and comprehensive discussions, while also providing us with an excellent opportunity to contribute to improving justice systems and to making justice systems more effective, efficient, and independent.

IAWJ and AMJA invite its members to join us for this exciting event. We are excited to give members the opportunity to save $200 on registration fees with our Early Bird Rate! Do not miss this exciting event. Register here: English | Spanish | French

Please feel free to contact or with any questions. For hotel reservations, please contact