Association of Women Judges of Paraguay Co-Hosts First Meeting of Female Leaders of Paraguay

Our affiliated association in Paraguay (AMJRP) co-hosted, in June, the First Meeting of Female Leaders of Paraguay. The meeting was held at the Library of the National Congress of Paraguay. It was hosted by the AMJRP, Mujeres Líderes del Paraguay, UN Women, and the Ministry of Women of Paraguay.

Video summary of the meeting.

The meeting gathered women leaders from all spheres, such as the social, political, cultural, judicial, sport, and business sectors, from all over the country. Among the high level guests was the US Ambassador to Paraguay, Hon. Lee Mac Leeny. Among the main panelists was IAWJ member, Hon. Alicia Pucheta.

IAWJ Board Member, Hon. Jovita Rojas spoke at the meeting.

The attendees released a joint statement after the conference.

#SinMujeresNoHayDemocracia (No Women No Democracy).