Association of Women Judges of Spain Released a Statement Titled “Without Women, There Are No Human Rights”

Spain | IAWJ member association, the Association of Women Judges of Spain (AMJE) released a statement titled “Without Women, There Are No Human Rights” to show their commitment with legality and international standards.

AMJE’s mission is to collaborate in the promotion and protection of human rights and, therefore, in the eradication of discrimination and violence against women.

In response to the legislation on gender-based violence (GBV), AMJE states that women have experienced a history chronic discrimination, and violence against women and girls is an extreme manifestation of inequality and a tool to keep them subordinated. GBV has caused more deaths than any war. According to UNODC, almost half of all female victims were murdered by family members or partners. For AMJE, GBV is engrained in society. In Spain, AMJE states, GBV causes 51% of female homicides.

“Gender-based violence and discrimination does not have barriers, it does not distinguish race, profession, social origin or cultural level and that is why to address it, one must start vertically from the international law on human rights that compels states that have ratified international … [and regional protocols to] fulfill its commitments not just by avoiding discrimination, but also by adopting positive and compensatory measures that prevent and eliminate discrimination.”

This is why, the right to equality, as a human right, requieres states to “comply with the international principle of “due diligence” for the full realization of women’s right to live a life free of violence.”

For AMJE, this can be accomplished in three levels: prevention, through the legal recognition of GBV as defined by the Istanbul Convention (violence that is exercised against women by the mere fact of being female or that affects them disproportionately), protection, and reparations.

AMJE’s statement has been covered in several Spanish news outlets, such as La Vanguardia and El Plural.

You can find AMJE’s full statement in Spanish here.