B20, C20 and W20 commit to fighting sextortion

Buenos Aires, Argentina | The B20 (Business 20), C20 (Civil 20) and W20 (Women 20), three of the G20 engagement groups, released a joint statement after their 2018 Summit in Buenos Aires were they commit to fighting sextortion.

The groups says in the statement:

“Corruption stands in the way of gender equality. It exacerbates gender disparities, increasing or at least perpetuating social inequalities in terms of access to health and education services, resource distribution and income, and ultimately is a major obstacle for women to gain full access to their civic, social and economic rights.”

Specifically, they address IAWJ’s term of sextortion and definition.

“There are specific forms of corruption that disproportionally affect women, such as sexual extortion (Sextortion), where sexual favours are used as a currency for corrupt practices.”

The G20 has had corruption reduction as a priority for a long time. They have had a working group on this subject since 2010. As, the Anti-Corruption Action and Implementation Plan is ending, the B20, C20 and W20 recommend addressing the link between gender and corruption, which the organization has never done before.

The goal is to “ensure men and women are equally benefitting from anti-corruption programs and that programs have no (unintended) consequences that disproportionally affect men or women.”

Finally, the three groups call on the G20 to follow four recommendations to “develop a better understanding of corrupt practices and craft more effective strategies to target them.”

You can access the full statement here.