We Are Sisters in Law

Travelling to Kiev, Ukraine, Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley spoke at the Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association Second All-Ukrainian Forum entitled “Women in the Legal Profession:  Visibility, Advocacy and  Influence”.   The program was sponsored by the USAID New Justice Program and the Ukraine-Canada Project.

The forum united over 200 women lawyers and judges from throughout Ukraine.  Judges from all levels of courts and jurisdictions, including the Ukraine Supreme Court, members of the Ukraine Parliament and representatives from ministries, human rights advocates and experts on gender matters discussed ways to enhance gender policies in government.   Participants were specifically encouraged to develop strategies for promoting   gender equality in the justice system.

On the first day of the forum, Justice Bradley participated in a discussion of how to leverage collective efforts in advocating for human rights. On the second day, she spoke of the history and work of the International Association of Women Judges. As a past board member of that organization and current member of its Board of Managerial Trustees, Justice Bradley emphasized the importance of the association’s work and the breadth of its reach, representing over 6000 members world-wide.

While in Kiev, Justice Bradley also led a roundtable discussion on the importance of civic education for youth.  Present at the roundtable discussion were members of the judiciary, including the Ukraine Supreme Court, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Education.

Justice Bradley shared the U.S. experience in implementing the iCivics program, a civic education program which she co-chairs in her home state of Wisconsin.  The program was founded by former United States Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  

This blog post was written by Justice Ann Walsh Bradley.