Chief Justice Gita Mittal Retires from the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir

“Glass ceilings are broken when you uplift others behind you.” Longtime active IAWJ member, Chief Justice Gita Mittal of India retired from the bench as of December 8, 2020. Over the years, many IAWJ members came to know Justice Mittal as someone who was not only an intelligent, brave and insightful jurist, but also one who worked unceasingly to promote equal justice and access to the courts for all. She was invited to speak at a number of IAWJ and member associations’ conferences on her innovative introduction of victim-friendly courts when she was justice on the High Court of Delhi.

The first female Chief Justice of the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir, she served there 28 months, during which time she launched many new initiatives and especially was known for her concern to make justice available for all, particularly women. On the day before her retirement, she launched several new initiatives, including a YouTube site for the J&K courts, as well as a unique program called “ Insaaf Ki Dastak” that will allow residents in far off, inaccessible villages and towns in the Union Territories of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to file cases through Post Offices and other approved centers as well as setting up Camp Courts in different locations.

For more information about Justice Gita Mittal’s career, innovative time in Jammu and Kashmir, and her retirement, please click here.

For access the newly released video on YouTube introducing the program Insaaf Ki Dastak (with English translation), please click here.

This blog post was prepared by Joan D. Winship, retired IAWJ Executive Director. The views presented in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the IAWJ.