David J. Sachar Wrote an Op-Ed for UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network

IAWJ member from the US, David J. Sachar, who is Executive Director of the Judicial Discipline and Disciplinary Commission in Arkansas recently published an Op-Ed with UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network* on Judicial Misconduct and Public Confidence in the Rule of Law.

Judicial misconduct breaks down the very fibre of what is necessary for a functional judiciary- citizens who believe their judges are fair and impartial.  The judiciary cannot exist without the trust and confidence of the people. Judges must, therefore, be accountable to legal and ethical standards.

David J. Sachar

Throughout his article, Ms. Sachar highlights, not only the importance of the existence of codes of conduct for judges but also how their implementation requires staying inside the fine line between achieving accountability and affecting judicial independence.

Mr. Sachar’s Op-Ed is available here.

*The IAWJ is a partner of UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network.