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Deadline for Nominations for Biennial Conference Awards

March 15

Call for Nominations for the IAWJ Human Rights Award and the Arline Pacht Global Vision Award

Deadline for Nominations:  March 15, 2018

The IAWJ recognizes distinguished leaders through two awards given at its Biennial Conference.  These awards are the Human Rights Award and the new Arline Pacht Global Vision Award.

The IAWJ Awards Committee requests nominations from members and staff of the IAWJ for each of these awards meeting the award criteria listed below.  The 2018 IAWJ Awards Committee is comprised of the following IAWJ members: Susana Medina de Rizzo, Arline Pacht, Susan Glazebrook, Helen Ogunwumiju, Margarita Luna Ramos, Mina Sougrati, Lisette Shirdan-Harris, and Carolyn Temin.

Please send Nominations to the Attention of the IAWJ Awards Committee at  Please include a short summary about the nominee and significant achievements pertaining to the criteria, the name of the award, and the name of the person who submits the nomination.   Please note, the nominee must attend the IAWJ Biennial Conference to be considered for the award.

IAWJ Human Rights Award

The nominee for the IAWJ Human Rights Awards shall have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to ensuring the application of human rights principles, or other significant initiatives in furtherance of the cause of justice for women, children and families.

Past recipients are Bertha Wilson (1998), Navanethem Pillay (2000), Arline Pacht (2002), Gertrude Mongella (2004), Carmen Argibay (2006), Esmeralda Arosemena de Troitiño (2008), Elena Highton (2010), Claire L’Hereux Dubé (2012), Sanji Monegeng (2014), and Patricia Wald (2016).

The Arline Pacht Global Vision Award

The Arline Pacht Global Vision Award was first presented to Judge Arline Pacht at the banquet concluding the International Association of Women Judges 25th Biennial Conference in 2016 “in recognition of her achievement in founding the IAWJ.”  The IAWJ decided that the award would be presented at each biennial conference thereafter, preferably to a sitting or retired woman judge to recognize her long-term contribution to the IAWJ and the IAWJ’s goals.

Criteria for the Global Vision Award

In selecting a nominee for the Global Vision Award, her efforts should have or are focused on actions and outcomes that are international in their purpose and long lasting effects.  The nominee’s actions also should reflect standards of great integrity and other personal traits that may include but are not limited to the following characteristics:

  1. Whether the vision and acts of the nominee are original and foster the IAWJ’s goals of promoting and protecting the human rights of and equal justice under the rule of law for all people, but especially for women and children.
  2. Whether the nominee’s goals and mission are inspirational and intended to improve the lives of substantial numbers of diverse people internationally;
  3. Whether the nominee perseveres in pursuing her vision, notwithstanding challenges, setbacks and/or discriminatory treatment;
  4. Whether the nominee reaches out to others internationally in an inclusive manner to develop leaders throughout the world who will continue to carry out a mission’s goals;
  5. Whether the nominee’s vision, efforts and actions have resulted in accomplishments that have been or can be replicated in other countries.


March 15