Former IAWJ Executive Director and BMT Member Team Up on Human Trafficking Program

Since she retired from the IAWJ, former Executive Director Joan Winship has continued to work on equality and justice issues that she deeply cares about.  She was appointed to the Calvert County (Maryland) Commission for Women and has chaired that Commission since 2017.  The CCCW’s mission is to identify and advocate on issues affecting women and girls, to educate and inform the public and to give recognition to outstanding women and girls.  Under her volunteer leadership and coordination, commissioners address issues ranging from equality to justice to education and careers to economics to women’s health and the opioid crisis.  Joan has introduced sextortion to this programming, including a speech to the annual meeting of the Maryland Court Recorders Association, and teamed with others to work on human trafficking.

At the Commission’s 17thAnnual Women of the World (WOW) Recognition Luncheon in the Spring, IAWJ Board of Managerial Trustees member, Ambassador Susan Esserman was invited to be the keynote speaker.  An international lawyer and former Deputy Director of the US Trade Representative, Ambassador Esserman is also the founder and Director of the University of Maryland SAFE (Support, Advocacy, Freedom and Empowerment) Center for Human Trafficking Survivors.  Attendees at WOW were inspired by Ms. Esserman’s speech where she spoke on some of the historical successes and ongoing challenges facing women today as well as the challenges of human trafficking, not only internationally but on the local level as well.  

Both Joan Winship and Susan Esserman are enthusiastic about their ongoing support of the IAWJ and their continued work in a variety of ways on gender, justice and human rights for all.

See an article from the Calvert Times here.

This blog post was written by Joan Winship, Former IAWJ Executive Director