“Girls, Boys, and Teens” by the Hon. Blanca Estela De Rosario Zamudio Valdes

I would like to share my thoughts with judges who dedicate themselves to family matters. I consider that these topics must be analyzed from a humanist rather than from a legal perspective because they are the basic cell of society. In these procedures – and more when girls and boys are involved – it is essential and fundamental as a human right to grow into a functional family nucleus. Although Mom and Dad are separated, they are only separated in their relationship as a couple, not in the fulfillment of their parental duties and the great blessing of being able to share time with the most loving people in the world, who come into our lives because we, as adults, make those decisions. When they are born, they light up our homes and fill us with happiness, however, when there are differences in the couple and there are arguments and lack of affection for our sons and daughters, we extinguish the brightness with which they are born and we create hard hearts, without feelings, who do not want to help other people, much less their mothers and fathers, since they do not receive from them so much as a hug, a kiss or even a caress.

Everything I narrate in the previous paragraph is already being reflected in a social problem: adolescents who have conflicts with the law are having very serious criminal behavior, such as kidnappings, homicides, rapes, and robberies with violence. Judges often realize that crimes are carried out by sons and daughters of separated parents – whether it is the father or the mother that left them. They might have been sexually abused or suffered violence at home. And what do we do as State bodies? We do not provide them with the help they need to get better but instead, we criticize and reject them because they are juvenile delinquents and they will be potential criminals in the future. However, they need the most assistance because we can still help them heal and become good people for society.

This blog post was prepared by IAWJ member, Magistrate Blanca Estela De Rosario Zamudio Valdes. The views presented in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the IAWJ.