IAWJ at the Council on Foreign Relations “Corruption, Gender Inequality, and the MeToo Movement”

NEW YORK, June 12th | The International Association of Women Judges was invited to speak at a Roundtable at the Council on Foreign Relations. The roundtable was called “Corruption, Gender Inequality and the MeToo Movement”. Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, an Adjunct Senior Fellow at CFR and Member of the IAWJ’s Board of Managerial Trustees, moderated the roundtable. Bettinger-Lopez lead the discussion between the two speakers, Marwa Fatafta from Transparency International and the IAWJ’s Senior Advisor Nancy Hendry. Hendry and Fatafta collaborate on the IAWJ’s current project in Morocco called “New Standards of Integrity and Accountability” which trains judges on sextortion and how to address sextortion in the courts.

The conversation lead towards the topic of sextortion, and the IAWJ’s work in combating sextortion and making it part of the anti-corruption community. Hendry and Fatafta elaborated on the intersection and interplay of gender issues and corruption, and how sextortion lies in the place where these two topics meet. Additionally, the speakers discussed the relevance of sextortion in today’s context and social climate, particularly in regards to the MeToo movement. Hendry mentioned how the MeToo movement has illuminated some issues, especially of the issue of how difficult it is for victims to come forward, due to power differences and inadequate laws and complaint mechanisms.

The IAWJ would like to thank the Council on Foreign Relations for this opportunity and Caroline Bettinger-Lopez on arranging this event for us.

Full Audio Recording and Transcription