IAWJ Chapter in Tunisia, the Tunisian Women Judges Association (TWJA) Conducted Training Activities on New Law for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Tunisia | IAWJ’s Chapter in Tunisia, the Tunisian Women Judges Association (TWJA) conducted two training activities in October and November regarding the country’s new law on the elimination of violence against women. Law 2017_58 was approved in August, 2017. 

On October 20-21, the TWJA conducted a two-day Training Workshop on the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Family court judges, criminal judges, and prosecutors participated in this training. Participants discussed shortcomings in the application of the law, good practices from their courts, and how to strengthen their theoretical, practical, and law-enforcement skills. 

On November 17-18, the TWJA conducted a two-day training Seminar on Law 58-2017 relating to the elimination of violence against women: a year after promulgation. The participants included family court judges, criminal judges, prosecutors, as well as police, advocates, civil servants, and psychologists. The objective of this training was to strengthen the skills of the participants, evaluate the provisions of the law one year into its implementation, have non-judicial stakeholders share their experiences with judges, and discuss shortcomings and good practices.

Among other things, those involved in the trainings agreed on the need to strengthen information sharing mechanisms, increase collaboration among stakeholders, and create awareness campaigns.

You can see pictures of the trainings below.