IAWJ Former President, Hon. Teresita Leonardo de Castro, Wrote an Op Ed for the UNODC

IAWJ Former President, Hon. Teresita Leonardo de Castro, from the Philippines, wrote an Op Ed for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) discussing Sextortion, which is “the abuse of power to obtain a sexual benefit or advantage.”

In the article titled “Exposing and Preventing Sextortion in the Judiciary“, Justice Leonardo de Castro highlighted that

“sextortion violates fundamental ethical standards, because even if an act may not technically constitute a violation of a penal law, people in authority should still not misuse their power by seducing subordinates and individuals over whom they exercise authority, or by enticing them to grant them sexual favors.” 

The greatest barrier in fighting sextortion is the victim’s fear of reprisals for exposing the perpetrators. Victims may also struggle to obtain counsel for the same reason.

“One method of combating sextortion is incorporating this matter (and other gender-related issues) into judicial training.”

“The law in the Philippines mandates all governmental institutions to devote 5% of their budget to the mainstreaming of gender issues in their programs and projects.”

Read the full article here.