IAWJ member, Hon. Maguy Florestal Recommended by the Senate for Appointment by the Court of Cassation

Port-au-Prince, Haiti | Judge Maguy Florestal, IAWJ member from Haiti, was recommended by the Senate, among other judges, to be appointed by the Court of Cassation.

According to Vanessa Dalzon, the writer of the Balistrad, Hon. Maguy Florestal should be remembered for her life dedicated to the judiciary, as a respected judge and as a model for other women in the judiciary.

Maguy Florestal studied Law at the Faculty of Law and Economics of Port-au-Prince and she is proud of being from the First Class of 1997. She began her career in the judiciary as Substitute Commissioner of Minors in the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of First Instance of Port-au-Prince. Later, she was promoted to Judge and Examining Judge to the same Tribunal, where she spent eleven years in the position. In 2011, Hon. Maguy Florestal became Judge at the Court of Appeals of Port-au-Prince, position which she holds today. In addition, she is the Director of Studies at the School of Magistracy.

Before she started working at the Court of Appeals, Hon. Maguy Florestal managed projects to prevent and eliminate violence against women and children. For three years, she was responsible for a project of the International Association of Women Judges to eradicate violence against women, human trafficking, and the domesticity of children.

“This project has reached more than 500 people who are now doing their best to combat violence against women and also encourage parents to look after their children to avoid domestic violence,” says EMA’s Director of Studies. “Judges who have completed the training are now more able to handle cases related to these issues,” she added.

Member of the Haitian Chapter of the International Association of Women Judges (CHAIFEJ), Maguy Florestal is fighting for a significant increase in women in the Haitian judiciary. “We are only 12%,” she says with regret in her voice. “It is necessary that the young women leaving law school integrate and be part of the School of Magistracy,” she added.

Through CHAIFEJ, she encourages young girls to become judges and legal professionals. In her role as a Magistrate, she has received many awards from institutions, such as the Chamber of Deputies in Haiti, the International Association of Women Judges, and the SOS Liberté Association.

Every single day, in her every action, Hon. Maguy Florestal is committed to empowering women to become Magistrates and also to combating gender inequality.

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