IAWJ Participates in Global Judicial Integrity Network Launch

VIENNA, AUSTRIA | Earlier this week the IAWJ were part of the launch of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Global Judicial Integrity Network (GJIN). The GJIN has been created to use as a platform to share good practices and to help “promote a culture of lawfulness” under the Doha Declaration. At the launch there was representation form different states from all over the world including Chief Justices, Ambassadors, and Representatives from UN Permanent Missions as well as different organizations and non-state actors.

The IAWJ’s representation at the Global Judicial Integrity Network was incredibly active. During an open session with the network IAWJ’s President-Elect Judge Vanessa Ruiz was able to recommend that sextortion and sexual harassment be included in the judicial codes of ethics and that be included in Global Judicial Integrity Network’s Declaration.

In addition, the IAWJ was able to hold a panel entitled “Sextortion – The Need for New Standards of Judicial Integrity and Accountability.” This panel was moderated by IAWJ President Hon. Susana Medina (Argentina), and was comprised of the Hon. Vanessa Ruiz (USA), Hon. Shiranee Tilakawardane (Sri Lanka, and Hon. Mina Sougrati (Morocco), and Nancy Hendry. The panel was able to discuss the extent and scope of this issue of sextortion and sexual harassment within and outside the judiciary, and what steps need to happen to address them. The panel highlighted that these problems are prevalent on the domestic and international levels, and that it is an opportunity of the Global Judicial Integrity Network to support these respective standards.

To find out more information of the Global Judicial Integrity Network Launch, please visit their website.