IAWJ President Urges for the Appointment of a Woman as Secretary General

The IAWJ President, Dr. Susana Medina, urgest that the next Secretary General of the United Nations should be a woman with a vision for international gender equality. Below is a message from Dr. Susana Medina.

Gender equality is a human rights issue. Women are more than half of the world population, however, they are underrepresented in international organizations, courts and government bodies. This lack of diversity reduces the legitimacy of these organizations, and limits their potential and impact.

The appointment of women in international organizations allows for a gender perspective in global decision-making, highlighting and addressing issues that would otherwise be absent from the discussion and from the public agenda.

The violence and discrimination that millions of women and girls face every day around the world, especially those living in conflict and war zones, deserves our special attention. Therefore, the International Association of Women Judges urges the appointment of a woman, with a vision for gender equality, as the next Secretary General of the United Nations.

This is an important step not only for women but for development, opportunities, respect, and peace throughout the world.

Dr. Susana Medina, President IAWJ