IAWJ Senior Advisor, Nancy Hendry, Spoke About Sextortion During a Webinar Organized by Transparency International (TI)

On July 16, IAWJ Senior Advisor, Nancy Hendry, joined experts from Transparency International (TI) and UN Women in a global webinar on “The Use of Data in Shaping Gender-Sensitive Anti-Corruption Agenda”.  The IAWJ and TI have been collaborating on a project in Morocco that focuses on adopting a more gender-inclusive approach to combating corruption, and that collaboration has helped to put gender and sextortion on the policy-making agenda. However, one of the challenges has been the lack of good data. The webinar explored: why gender matters for anti-corruption; the importance of national, regional and global partnerships; the challenges associated with collecting data on gender-specific forms of corruption, such as sextortion; and how to harness the power of data and research to mainstream gender considerations in anti-corruption policies and programs.