IAWJ Starts Building Enduring Systems to End Trafficking (BEST) Project

IAWJ has partnered with LUMOS Foundation (LUMOS) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to implement a 3-year program entitled “Building Enduring Systems to End Trafficking (BEST)” funded by USAID-Haiti. The program aims to (1) better coordinate government systems and responses for countering trafficking in persons (TIP); (2) deliver a multi-sector, multi-stakeholder behavior change communications campaign to shift knowledge, attitudes, and practices of target audiences nationwide; and (3) strengthen existing service delivery systems and provide relevant services to those at-risk of or who have experienced trafficking.  In service of these objectives, the BEST project will provide a range of specialized programmatic interventions, system change management, technical assistance, training, and experienced leadership across all objectives.  

IAWJ will collaborate with the École National de la Magistrature (EMA) and Haitian Chapter of the IAWJ (CHAIFEJ) in order to  support long-term sustainability of the program and reinforce the capacity of local institutions. IAWJ has two project objectives: 

  • Enable government partners to more effectively oversee and coordinate C-TIP activities nationally.
  • Increase public awareness of dangers, legal consequences, and various forms of trafficking in human beings.

The IAWJ will lead in raising awareness and increasing knowledge of the 2014 TIP law and its consequences for judicial audiences (judges, lawyers, prosecutors). The targeted, specialized messaging, particularly for the judiciary, will lead to increased knowledge of the counter TIP law and a greater ability to prosecute trafficking cases. 

The BEST program builds off of IAWJ’s previous work in Haití since 2011 and allows for the partners to continue collaborating with the EMA and CHAIFEJ on a national public outreach campaign and national capacity building workshops for judges, prosecutors, police, and social workers. 

In September 2019, an IAWJ program team will be traveling to Port-au-Prince in order to conduct stakeholder consultations and establish formal partnership agreements between IAWJ, EMA, and CHAIFEJ.

This blog post was prepared by IAWJ Senior Program Office, Jane Charles-Voltaire.