IAWJ’s Mexican Chapter Hosted its Annual Meeting

The Mexican Chapter of the IAWJ hosted its 3rd Annual Meeting this August. According to IAWJ’s Vice President and the Chapter’s President, Retired Justice Margarita Luna Ramos, over 200 women judges attended the meeting.

The Hon. Margarita Luna Ramos wrote for El Universal Mexico that the meeting was presided by the Chief Justice of the National Supreme Court of Justice, Hon. Arturo Zaldívar. He was joined by IAWJ members and General Vice Coordinators of the Chapter: Justice Norma Pina Hernandez, Chief of the Inter-Institutional Gender Equality Committee and Coordinator of the Chapter; Justice Yasmín Esquivel Mossa; Rosa Elena González Tirado, Federal Counselor of the Judiciary; Justice Miriam Cárdenas Cantú, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Coahuila and Chief of the Human Rights and Gender Equality Unit of Conatrib. IAWJ President, Judge Vanessa Ruiz and IAWJ Past President, Judge Susana Medina also attended the meeting.

[From left to right: IAWJ President, Judge Vanessa Ruiz; IAWJ Past President, Judge Susana Medina; and IAWJ Vice President and President of the Mexican Chapter, Ret. Justice Margarita Luna Ramos]

As highlighted by Judge Ruiz during her remarks, with almost 500 members, the Mexican Chapter is IAWJ’s largest affiliated association after the US and Argentina. The chapter was created with the goal of uniting Mexican female judges to strengthen the rule of law and promote equal justice with a gender perspective, in Mexico, the region, and the world.

During the meeting, members reelected their Executive Council for another term.

Read more about the meeting in Spanish in Justice Luna Ramos’ article for El Universal Mexico here.