Judge Gloria Poyatos Interviewed on How to Judge with a Gender Perspective

The Hon. Gloria Poyatos, President of the Association of Women Judges of Spain and Member of IAWJ’s Board of Directors, was interviewed by La Verdad in relation to her presentation at the University of Murcia’s Congress: “Towards a social law with a gender perspective.” Judge Poyatos presented on the technique and methodology to judge with a gender perspective.

Judge Poyatos was asked by La Verdad, about this technique and methodology. She answered that it refers to integrating the gender perspective “into judicial decision-making to detect and overcome stereotypes and prejudices in these resolutions, and to make visible the gender asymmetries that prevail in our legal system.”

Judging with a gender perspective is a contextualized legal analysis technique according to the ‘pro persona’ principle. A constant search for fair solutions to unequal gender situations. It requires the judge to think slowly; to detect stereotypes, it is necessary to stand up, detect them, cross them and, finally, to compensate for the discriminatory situation, if any.

Since judges are not immune to stereotypes, she continued, “it is very important that judges are constantly alert to prevent stereotypes from penetrating our decisions; otherwise, we can turn sentences into weapons of institutional discrimination.”

You can find the full interview here.