A Message from the IAWJ President on International Women’s Day

Today, while we celebrate International Women´s Day, I would like to greet you, my sisters, members of the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ).

We, Women Judges of the world, have an unmatched opportunity to give Justice a more human face, a more sensitive face, to deliver a service closer to people; in order to make the system more effective, efficient and independent.

We, Women Judges of the world, have the duty to guarantee with our rulings the fulfillment of gender policies that ensure access to the justice system for the most vulnerable women, and we also must enforce these policies which end inequality and achieve equal rights and opportunities of men and women.

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says that a woman who is near one river will never be thirsty, and a woman near another woman will never be alone.

For these reasons, my sisters, I invite you to keep working together for other women; for the poorest, for those who suffer, for the displaced ones, for young girls and for the elderly women. Let´s work for all these women who only have their own existence and need us. Their rights are our duty to fulfill.