IAWJ’s 14th Biennial Conference: Building Bridges Between Women Judges of the World

Was hosted by the Asociación de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina (AMJA) 
Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  
May 2-6, 2018
With its wide boulevards, elegant arcitecture, rich European heritage and the sound of tango, Buenos Aires beckoned to all IAWJ members!

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To see photos and videos from the conference, visit the 2018 Biennial Conference website 


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A Message from the IAWJ President and Hostess of the 2018 Biennial Conference:

My Esteemed Colleagues and Friends,

I´d like to invite you to attend the 14th Biennial Conference of the IAWJ, and meet once again with women judges from around the world to exchange knowledge, experiences, jurisprudence, and wisdom, as well as to strengthen ties of friendship. The Argentinian Women Judges looks forward to welcoming women judges from countries with widely varying legal systems, cultures, religions and histories, knowing that this global movement to which we all belong is unique — and allows us to work together for the human rights of women.

The theme of the Conference is “Building bridges between women judges of the world.” We are sure that this theme will lead to enriching, stimulating, comprehensive discussions. while providing us an excellent opportunity to contribute to improving justice systems, making them more effective, efficient and independent.

The Conference Planning Committee is working hard to ensure a successful conference and to welcome you to the City of Buenos Aires. Known as both the “Queen of the Rio de la Plata” and the”Paris of Latin America,” Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city, rich in history, culture, architecture, music and gastronomy.

In addition to the educational program and social events, we intend to give each participant the chance to get to know the City, visit its museums and shopping malls and take part in a typical “Milonga Porteña”. Every afternoon, at the end of the educational sessions, you will have the chance to take free tango lessons!!! So, pack your bag, don´t forget your dancing shoes and be ready to open your heart to the sights and sounds of a City and a country that awaits you with open arms.

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to all members of the IAWJ with updates on conference activities. If you have any questions, we encourage you send an email to the IAWJ at the following addresses: conference@iawj.org, info@amja.org.ar, iawjpresident@iawj.org

You will be welcomed!

Susana Medina 





Hotel and Accommodation Information

Special Rates expired on 01 February 2018.
Email: info@mariagraziani.com | Phone: + 54 11 4393-3437
Hilton Buenos Aires
Deluxe Single/Double USD 269 + IVA
Executive Single/Double USD 309 + IVA
For reservations, click here.
Tel: (+54.11) 4891.0038
Email: Jimena.fernandez@hilton.com | Sabrina.lauria@hilton.com
This was the conference venue.

Alvear Icon Hotel
Deluxe Single/Double USD 260 + IVA
For reservations, please use this form
Tel: (+54.11) 4114.0900 / 4804.7777
Email: gaston.spaccasassi@alvear.com.ar | grupos@alvear.com.ar

Madero Hotel
Superior Single/Double USD 190 + IVA
Deluxe Single/Double USD 220 + IVA
For reservations, please email info@mariagraziani.com
Tel: (+54.11) 4393.3437
Distance to venue: 1.4 km

Panamericano Hotel
Standard Single/Double USD 160 + IVA
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Tel: (+54.11) 4348.5139
Email: pmaltas@amamericano.us | ventas@panamericano.us
Distance to venue: 2.7 km

Nh City Hotel
Regency Single/Double USD 150 + IVA
For reservations, please email mc.barrio@nh-hotels.com or nhgroupsales.mercosur@nh-hotels.com
Tel: (+54.11) 5776.6464 ext. 6439
Distance to venue: 2.2 km

Nh Collection Jousten Hotel
Superior Single/Double USD 160 + IVA
For reservations, please email mc.barrio@nh-hotels.com or nhgroupsales.mercosur@nh-hotels.com
Tel: (+54.11) 5776.6464 ext. 6439
Distance to venue: 2 km

Nh Collection Lancaster Hotel
Superior Single/Double USD 160 + IVA
For reservations, please email mc.barrio@nh-hotels.com or nhgroupsales.mercosur@nh-hotels.com
Tel: (+54.11) 5776.6464 ext. 6439
Distance to venue: 2.6 km

All accommodations include breakfast. The 21% VAT will be refunded on the accommodation for non-resident tourists of Argentina.
To be eligible for VAT refund: Non-resident tourists must submit a copy of their sealed passport upon entry to the country (for neighboring countries, a foreign document and proof of migration). You must pay with a credit or debit card NOT issued by Argentina (or through international currently transfer). Your stay cannot exceed 90 days.

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Previous conferences


13th Biennial International Conference: “Women Judges and the Rule of Law” | Washington DC, United States
879 IAWJ members from 82 countries attended with 121 accompanying guests to make this celebration a festive and global 25th Birthday for IAWJ. In a global voyage through diverse jurisdictions, our members led the educational sessions, sharing their definitive and, in many cases, leadership roles in addressing gender inequality, new developments in international human rights and humanitarian law, specific barriers to accessing justice and judicial advancement for women within the Middle East and North Africa, utilizing new restorative justice measures, and running courts in an emergency or crisis situation.



12th Biennial International Conference: “Justice for All” | Arusha, Tanzania
The 12th IAWJ Biennial International Conference, Justice For All, hosted by the Tanzania Women Judges Association, was held in Arusha, Tanzania, from May 5-9, 2014. Over 500 participants from 36 countries attended the conference.

Members discussed a wide variety of topics including justice for vulnerable witnesses, the global leadership of women, sextortion, results-based case management, judicial communication, justice in inter-state child abductions, and opportunities for judges beyond the bench.



11th Biennial International Conference: “Keeping safe – keeping well’ | London, United Kingdom
Held in London from May 2-5, IAWJ had a record breaking turnout of more than 600 participants from 50 countries. Hosted by the UKAWJ and convened by past IAWJ President Lady Brenda Hale, the conference focused on the theme: “keeping safe – keeping well.”  Members discussed a wide range of topics including women, work and health, incarcerated women, human trafficking and forced marriage, sextortion, judicial health and safety, violence and the problem-solving court, services for victims of sexual violence, and women and girls as armed combatants.



10th Biennial International Conference: “Judicial Challenges in a Changing World”  |  Seoul, South Korea
The 10th Biennial Conference was convened by IAWJ and the Korean Association of Women Judges (KAWJ). Over 400 judges from 40 countries attended sessions discussing challenges and solutions to the evolving issues facing today’s modern courts. These issues included such topics as terrorism and security, the environment, aging, sextortion, judicial careers, and international service. Members also agreed to make the issue of human trafficking one of IAWJ’s priorities for the next two years.




Does your chapter want to host an IAWJ Biennial Conference?  If so, we encourage you to contact the IAWJ at office@iawj.org for more information. Applications are reviewed and accepted three years in advance.