Our Spanish Chapter, the Asociación de Mujeres Juezas de España (AMJE), is Featured in eldiaro.es

IAWJ member and speaker of our Spanish Member Association, the Asociación de Mujeres Juezas de España (AMJE), Magistrate Lucia Aviles was featured in an article by eldiaro.es. She talks about the persistent disparities in women judge’s access to high ranking judicial positions. 

Today, women make up 53% of the judiciary, but only 27% of high ranking positions. Magistrate Aviles said that 

“We (women) are part of society and society is undergoing a profound gender revision thanks to feminism.”

Considering all this, the Spanish government is planing an agreement for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (the judiciary’s governing body). This agreement might bring, for the first time, a female President along with a  majority of female members (it currently has 43%). AMJE claims that this change is inevitable. In fact, AMJE presented three of its members as candidates for the entity. According to Aviles, AMJE is proposing an “active judicial feminism” and wants to end the myth that women are not interested in these roles. Among the candidate is Magistrate Aviles herself. 

“Only 17% of the Constitutional Tribunal’s magistrates are women and only 14% at the Supreme Court. In the National Court, 43% of the members are women and only 6% of the presidencies of the Superior Courts of Justice are occupied by women. In the case of the Provincial Courts, 38% are women. However, 53% of sentences are dictated by women.”

The IAWJ is proud to congratulate Magistrate Aviles and AMJE for their constant work to break the glass ceiling for women judges in Spain and the world! 

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