Tanzania Women Judges Association (TAWJA) and Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) Demand Domestic Violence Act and the Creation of Family Courts in Tanzania

Tanzania | The Tanzania Women Judges Association (TAWJA) and the Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) organized a moot court this week were they called for the enactment of a domestic violence law and for the establishment of family courts in Tanzania.

According to IPP Media, a WiLDAF board members said that Tanzania is in need of a 

“‘stand-alone’ domestic violence act as the current Penal Code does not incorporate some forms of domestic violence and the treatment of victims of gender based violence.”

Moreover, WiLDAF is asking the judiciary to support them in the elimination of gender based violence (GBV) by creating family courts that can speed up the resolution of cases. To WiLDAF 

“justice delayed is justice denied.”

Former IAWJ President and retired judge, Hon. Eusebia Munuo spoke on the issue of sexual corruption in Tanzania by saying that most rape cases fail because of insufficient and poor evidence. She explained that doctors collaborate with those accused by destroying evidence.

Judge Munuo said that

“there is still corruption among doctors even in [the] judicial system, some people are not ethical enough and you may find a doctor writing false information purposely to defend someone who gave him a bribe so it becomes very difficult to convict the accused.” 

Allafrica.com quoted IAWJ member, Hon. Agnes Bukuku, on this same issue saying that

“(GBV) and sex corruption incidents … [are] increasing in various public institutions, a situation that demands immediate interventions.”

She said that the amount of incidents reported is increasing in hospitals, courts, and higher learning institutions. For her, the community needs to 

“take earnest measures to end the problem which affects mostly women and girls in different forms.”

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