The Association of Women Judges of Argentina (AMJA) Conducts Activities on Human Trafficking

Argentina | The Asociación de Mujeres Jueces de Argentina (AMJA) conducted several activities on human trafficking in October.

On October 16, they conducted a debate on “Violence in the Workplace: Gender and Access to Justice” in Buenos Aires to spread the word and debate on the different laws and actions that protect workers in regards to violence in the workplace, particularly violence against women, from an access to justice perspective.


On October 17, AMJA conducted a Training on Trafficking in Persons for the Purpose of Sexual and Labor Exploitation in La Rioja. The training included a discussion of basic concepts, human trafficking as a transnational organized crime, challenges to the investigation of this crime, effective investigation measures, and how to promote sensitivity to address victims.


Additionally, IAWJ and AMJA’s member, Hon. Maria Laura Altamiranda, conducted training on human trafficking for Cadets of the School of Police in the province of Buenos Aires. Finally, IAWJ and AMJA member, Dra. Veronica Guagnino, trained  500 members of the National Gendarmerie on human trafficking.