The Association of Women Judges of Argentina Elects New Secretariat

Our affiliated association in Argentina, the Association of Women Judges of Argentina (AMJA) has elected its new secretariat. IAWJ member, Hon. Aida Tarditti will be the new president of the association. According to Comercio y Justicia, her goals are to “achieve gender equality and break the glass ceiling in the federal and provincial judicial powers.” The new board will take office in August.

The secretariat will be composed by IAWJ members: Aida Tarditti, president; Martha Altabe, vice president; Natalia Molina, vice president; Graciela Neirot, vice president; Soledad Gennari, secretary; Maria Laura Altamiranda, treasurer; among others. This new secretariat includes younger judges, giving a voice to a new generation and promoting generational, as well as gender, equality.

In her interview for Comercio y Justicia, AMJA’s President Tarditti said:

There are provinces where there are no justices, there are provinces where the participation of women is not the same [as men]. We want more women, more justice throughout the country. But not just any woman, those that have a gender perspective and a commitment to the fight for women in the justice sector.

She continued by highlighting that 74% of judges in federal courts are men. AMJA intends to break the glass ceiling so that women can access high level positions within the judiciary.

AMJA’s Secretary Gennari spoke about men’s participation in the association. “As far as AMJA is concerned, it also grows in highly-represented male members such as public prosecutors, attorneys, court ministers, Supreme Court justices, which we call male allies.”

Our dream is that gender equality is not a utopia but that it materializes. An equitable society is a democratic society, and this is synonymous to development and respect for human rights.

Secretary Gennari

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