The Association of Women Judges of Paraguay Makes Statement in Support of Women Judges Running for Supreme Court Appointments

IAWJ’s affiliated association in Paraguay, the Association of Women Judges of Paraguay (AMJP), published a statement in support of women judges that are pursuing appointments in the country’s Supreme Court

According to ABC, the statement reads “The National Constitution of 1992 establishes that <<the man and the woman have the same civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights,>> inspired by Paraguay’s commitment, in the law 1215/86 on the <<Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women,>> with the belief that women’s participation in all spheres, their equal condition to men, is indispensable for the full development of a country.”

Moreover, they highlight that women are working to ensure that the equality established by the constitution is realized to ensure equal opportunities for men and women based in merit.

“The Paraguayan, today, through the Judicial Council, has the brilliant opportunity to give life to our norms in favor of equality and non-discrimination by appointing the vacant seat at the Court to a woman. 

Currently, the Supreme Court of Paraguay seats two women: Hon. Miryam Peña and Hon. Gladys Bareiro.

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