The Association of Women Judges of Spain Continues Working on their Program “Educating in Equal Justice”

IAWJ’s Association of Women Judges of Spain (AMJE), as part of their program “Educating in Equal Justice,” conducted a mock court in Lanzarote, Spain. AMJE gathered high school students from several schools in the area to participate in a mock court on cases of sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, and sexual harassment in the workplace.

According to, students played all the roles involved in a trial: defendant, plaintiff, judge, forensic professionals, lawyers, and prosecutors. The goal was to teach students to apply a gender perspective to the cases studied.

The “Educating in Equal Justice” program seeks to increase public awareness of gender issues and the importance of judging with a gender perspective, as well as educating them in gender equality, non-discrimination, and the concept of equal justice as a fundamental right. This project also looks to increase awareness of the work of the judicial system. According to AMJE, the program aims to

“contribute to a more realistic and objective knowledge of the different types of discriminative violence that allows students to recognize and identify situations of discrimination and gender-based violence.”

The mock court was the last part of this national public awareness program. In total, twelve schools have participated in the program over three years.

The program was divided in three parts: 

  • First, sets of multidisciplinary teams conducted talks in twelve schools to teach students about the judicial system. Each school was later required to conduct a project to address gender issues with a gender perspective. They needed to provide a specific proposal to improve and obtain effective equality.
  • Second, the schools with the best projects were taken on a guided tour of the Judicial Building to learn about the work conducted there. They were also able to observe trials.
  • Finally, the students of the schools with the 5 best projects participated in the mock court. 

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