The Association of Women Judges of the Dominican Republic Promotes Awareness of the Reality of Nannies

Our affiliated association in the Dominican Republic (AJURD) hosted a screening of “Nana” to increase awareness of the social reality of nannies and maids.

According to Diario Digital DR, the documentary from Tatiana Fernández Geara “portrays the difficult reality experienced by the … nannies in the country.”

Magistrate Katia Jiménez, President of AJURD stated that the film features the life of nannies, generally women, that are “underpaid, underfed, that leave their children to take care of and give love to other people’s children, without knowing whether theirs eat or not.”

Participants concluded that nannies’ human rights are affected by the lack of public policies that protect them, according to Diario Digital DR.

AJURD members such as Magistrate Judith Contreras Esmurdoc and Judge Cristian Perdomo were present, along with Magistrate Domingo Antonio Gil, Judges Jottin Cury David; Mabel Feliz Báez, and Eglys Margarita Esmurdoc. Also present were lawyers, public servants, and students.

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