The Jamaica Association of Women Judges (JAWJ) invited the Hon. Catherine Hoskins (USA) to participate in the National Conference on Technology in the Justice Sector.

On February  28 , 2020, a dream of the Jamaica Association of Women  Judges (JAWJ) was realized when IAWJ member, Judge Catherine Jeane Hoskins of Utah, USA , participated in the National  Conference on  Technology in the Justice Sector, hosted by Jamaica’s Ministry of Justice, upon the invitation of the JAWJ. Her topic was “The Impact of International Digital Technology on the Justice Sector: a practical application to the  Jamaican experience”. Judge Hoskins was a panelist during the IAWJ’s 2018 Biennial Conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and along with other Judges from China, Nigeria, Paraguay, Lebanon and the UK, had addressed the topic “Building Digital Bridges”.

IAWJ’s Human Rights Education  Director, Anne Goldstein, was instrumental in making the link between the JAWJ and the panelists. The panelists who were unable to travel to Jamaica to participate, have  graciously shared their papers and the JAWJ will disseminate these to other judges and related stakeholders. This experience has underscored the advantages of membership in the IAWJ – being a member of a network of talented and experienced Judicial Officers who will share resources, time and talent for the advancement of Judicial Education as we ensure equal justice for all and uphold the Rule of Law. 

This blog post was prepared by IAWJ member, Judge Paula Blake-Powell. The views presented in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the IAWJ.