The Law Society’s Women in Leadership in Law Project from the United Kingdom Launched a Report on the Need for Gender Equality in the Legal Profession

The Women in Leadership in Law Project from the United Kingdom’s Law Society launched a report on “the need for gender equality in the legal profession” in March. The report is titled Influencing for impact: The need for gender equality in the legal profession: Women in Leadership in Law report – Findings from the women’s roundtables.

For the report, they conducted substantial qualitative and quantitative research and analyses involving approximately 12,000 male and female legal professionals from all over the world. The goal was to understand the key issues that affect women working in the law.

Among their findings is the fact that, although women make up more than
half of practicing lawyers in many countries, the profession continues to be predominantly led by men.

They also found that there is still a disparity between the salary of women and men with the same background and in the same position. Moreover, while women lawyers are qualified to occupy leadership positions, they continue to be under-represented due to unconscious biases in different areas of the law. For example, there is an inherent bias regarding women dedicated to business law.

Based on their findings, to keep moving towards true equality in the legal profession, the Women in Leadership in Law Project hosted over 200 roundtable discussions in 13 jurisdictions within the UK with women from across the legal profession. Through the discussions, they wanted to raise awareness and identify unconscious biases, the gender pay gap and flexible working models, and the barriers women face in the legal profession.

“True equality is not achieved simply by the passing of time or by increasing the number of women in the profession.”

Christina Blacklaws, President of the Law Society of England and Wales

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