The National Association of Women Judges – USA Hosted Their Global Judicial Leadership Conference

The National Association of Women Judges – USA (NAWJ) hosted a two-day Global Judicial Leadership Conference this June in New York City. The conference was organized in collaboration with Columbia University School of Law and the School of International and Public Affairs.

The program opened with an event to discuss the “UN Response for Sexual Harassment and Assault Against Women” at the UN headquarters. This event was co-hosted by IAWJ member, Sally Kader, President of the International Federation for Peace and Sustainable Development (IFPSD).

Ms. Kader and NAWJ President and IAWJ member, Hon. Tamila Ipema, among other high level professionals, gave opening remarks.

Moreover, our member, Colonel Linda Murnane was among the speakers.

The second day of the Conference took place at Columbia Law School, in partnership with Columbia’s Law School, the School of International and Public Affairs, and the Center for Gender & Sexuality Law.

Our member, Hon. Lisa Walsh co-chaired the events of the second day.

The first discussion pertained to “Immigration and US Policies Affecting Migrant Women.” IAWJ member, Hon. Bernadette D’Souza was the moderator.

Later, participants heard about “Human Trafficking: Organ Trafficking and Surrogacy Issues” from, among others, IAWJ member, Hon. Elizabeth Lee and IAWJ Board of Managerial Trustees (BMT) member, Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby.

Hon. Carolyn Temin, also a BMT member, spoke at the “Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Lessons Learned for the Judicial System” discussion moderated by Hon. Lisa Walsh.