The New Judge Barbie’s Attire was Designed with Help of the National Association of Women Judges – US

The National Association of Women Judges – US (NAWJ) helped design Mattel’s new Barbie: Judge Barbie. According to Romper, Mattel consulted with the NAWJ “to get Judge Barbie’s courtroom attire correct, and as representative of most judges’ attire as possible.”

Moreover, “Judge Barbie is available in four skin tones so more little girls can have a doll who represents them.” It is part of Mattel’s Dream Gap Project “to show young girls more role models who look like them in professions usually associated with employing more men than women.”

The new Judge Barbie was created to encourage girls to enter the judicial profession and pursue leadership roles in a country where “women make up only one-third of sitting state judges.” Empowering women on the bench and encouraging an equal representation of women in the judiciary has long been one of IAWJ and NAWJ’s goals.

More information about Judge Barbie available here.