The Tanzania Women Judges Association is Working to Uphold the UN’s Beijing Platform for Action Declaration of 1995

IPP Media stated that, “according to the Beijing Platform for action declaration, the eradication of poverty based on sustained economic growth, social development, environmental protection and social justice requires the involvement of women in economic and social development, equal opportunities and the full and equal participation of women and men as agents and beneficiaries of people-centered sustainable development.”

Dar es Salaam was the location of a seminar on the preparation for the review of the implementation of the 25 years of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. Tanzania has made significant moves in the fight against gender-based violence (GBV).

According to IPP Media, the Tanzanian government has focused on the five areas of concern considered priority areas since the conference in 1995. “The five areas are: Enhancement of women’s legal capacity, economic empowerment of women and poverty eradication; women’s political empowerment and decision making; women’s access to education and employment; and women and environment.”

In the area of enhancement of women’s legal capacity, IAWJ’s affiliated association, the Tanzania Women Judges Association (TAWJA) and the  women law enforcers including Tanzania Police Female Network (TPFNET) have worked on sensitizing women on the laws that support their rights.

Moreover, the government has formulated several laws to protect women by giving them the right to own property: the Land Act No. 4 and the Village Land Act No. 5, 1999, Unit Titles Act, 2008, and the Mortgage Finance Special Provisions Act, 2008.

As a result of Tanzania’s efforts, “more women are aware of their rights and speak out on acts of violence which in the past were considered to be tradition.”

In the year 2000, a constitutional amendment gave women a 25% increase in special seats representatives in Parliament and 33% on local councils. In 2015, the percentage of women representatives in Parliament reached 36%. “This makes Tanzania one of the 20 countries in the world that have reached or surpassed the 30 percent mark for women’s representation in Parliament; it ranks 5th in the continent and 20th in the world according to IPU data.”

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