The Tanzania Women Judges Association Organized a Forum with UN Women on the Promotion and Protection of Women’s Access to Justice in Tanzania

Tanzania | IAWJ member association, the Tanzania Women Judges Association (TAWJA), organized a forum, in collaboration with UN Women, on the promotion and protection of women’s access to justice in Tanzania.

Women’s access to justice is a real issue in Tanzania. According to Justice Joaquine De-Mello, TAWJA’s Chairperson and IAWJ member, the conference was organized to increase awareness among stakeholders of Tanzania’s domestic and international legal commitments and obligations in the area of women’s access to justice.

Participants made remarks throughout the forum. Dr. Ndika said that the Tanzanian government has ratified and signed various international and regional treaties to ensure the protection and promotion of women’s rights, and has made efforts in enhancing an effective response for ensuring women’s access to justice through the judiciary’s strategic plan 2015-2020, which tries to guarantee that timely justice is accessible to all.

Dr. Ndika also mentioned that

“effective laws and justice systems-recognized as mechanisms for shaping society, through enforcement, elimination of the abuse of power and creation of clear pathway for achieving rights are key entry points for reversion discrimination of women.”

Further, the judge indicated that “women continue to experience discrimination in the exercise of their rights through official bias, corruption, impunity, stigma, indifference and systematic failures.”

He concluded his statement by advising the TAWJA to come up with mechanisms that would institutionalize responses to violence against women in the legal sector.

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