The Tunisian Association of Women Judges Conducted a Seminar on the “Reality and Perspectives of Women Judges in the Tunisian Judiciary”

On June 22 and 23, the Tunisian Association of Women Judges (TAWJ) hosted a seminar titled “Reality and Perspectives of Women Judges in the Tunisian Judiciary.” Participants were all Tunisian magistrates.

The goal of the seminar was to discuss the difficulties faced by women, the place of women in the justice system, how the glass ceiling affects women judges, and how to determine the identity of women judges.

Among the challenges faced by women judges, the speakers talked about “the difficulties faced by women in reconciling family obligations and judicial work,” as well as gender discrimination, and society’s perception of women.

The speakers also highlighted that, although women’s rights are included in many laws, the application of those laws is sometimes absent. Finally, they spoke on the need for the judiciary to apply a gender perspective and pursue a gender balance between women and male judges.

During the forum, women judges shared their experiences. Among them was IAWJ Board Member, Hon. Saida Chebili, who spoke about the importance of Tunisian women judges that have had successful careers “despite the difficulties and obstacles encountered in their professional and family life.”

The participants came up with some recommendations to address the issues and stigmas faced by women judges:

  • Take into account the tasks that women judges need to perform in their professional and family life.
  • Create a psychological, professional, family balance.
  • Make them aware and confident in their abilities and equality to hold all judicial positions.
  • Consider the psychological and health impact of being women judges and give them psychological support.
  • Integrate a gender perspective in the justice system.