The Tunisian Association of Women Judges Hosted a Workshop for Judges from Yemen, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia in April

On April 13 and 14, the Tunisian Association of Women Judges (TAWJ) hosted a workshop for judges titled “International Conference on the Basic Laws of Judges: A Guarantee for a Sustainable Democracy.” Among the participants were judges from Yemen, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia.

The conference had the goal of promoting democratic sustainability by bringing together judicial representatives to discuss the laws that govern the judiciary. With the workshop, the TAWJ wanted to increase awareness and promote discussions about these laws and their problems, challenges, possible solutions, and good practices in these countries. The TAWJ also wanted to start dialogue and collaboration between the judges of these four countries.

During the workshop, participants discussed several topics:

  • The constitutional and legislative framework of the laws that govern the judicial branch.
  • Institutional Independence of the Judiciary: national legislative frameworks and international standards of judicial independence, financial independence of the courts, accountability mechanisms, evaluation and promotion criteria, and judicial codes of conduct.
  • Codes of judicial conduct and a gender perspective: how to integrate a gender perspective into legislation.

To close the workshop, the participants came up with a few recommendations. First, the existence of Supreme Judicial Councils strengthen judicial accountability and independence. Second, the financial independence of the courts should be guaranteed in the law. Third, public prosecutors should be independent from the executive branch. Finally, gender equality should be promoted by giving women judges the necessary mechanisms to hold high-level judicial positions and by judging with a gender perspective.