The UK Association of Women Judges Launched a Series to Celebrate 100 Years of Women in Law

The UK Association of Women Judges (UKAWJ) has launched an open lecture series to celebrate 100 years of women in the law. The event took place on March 21st to celebrate the “centenary of women’s entry to the legal profession.” It was held at the Supreme Court in London.

The event was structured as a discussion between women judges and academics to explore “the work and jurisprudence of each judge.” Each judge reflected on her career and addressed the extent to which gender had made a difference in her contribution to the law.

Among the judges that participated in the discussions were Hon. Lady Brenda Hale, former IAWJ President and current UK member, and Hon. Teresa Doherty, IAWJ member from Ireland. Lady Hale was the first woman to become a Law Lord and the first woman President of the Supreme Court. Justice Doherty is the former Presiding Judge of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Along the lines of this series, the UK’s Law Society, the Bar Council, and CILEx have created a history project called “The First 100 Years“, a video history project documenting the journey of women in the law since 1919.

Read more information about the event here.