The Union of Moroccan Women Judges Conducted a Second Sextortion Workshop as part of our Program in Morocco

The Union of Moroccan Women Judges (UMWJ) organized a second Sextortion Workshop on April 12 within our joint Program “Recognizing Corruption’s Impact on Women in Morocco.” This workshop took place in Marrakech and is the second of four.

The goal of this workshop was to educate participants on sextortion and the impact it has on women, and all victims, in the professional and academic environments.

During the workshop, the UMWJ explained the meaning of sextortion and the difference between sextortion, bribes, and harassment. Moreover, participants analyzed sextortion under Moroccan law. Because sextortion is not a term yet included in Moroccan law, they analyzed ways in which the spirit of the existent anti-corruption laws could be applied to cases of sextortion.

In order to further participants’ understanding of sextortion, they were shown several cases in which they needed to differentiate between sextortion and other similar offenses.

Finally, attendants came up with three recommendations: the need to ensure the protection of victims and witnesses, the need to ensure victims and witnesses’ easy access to justice, and the need to minimize the burden of proof for victims.

Workshops such as this one, are important in increasing awareness on sextortion, its impact, and ways to address it, not only within the public and vulnerable communities, but also within judges, lawyers, and law enforcement.

This workshop was also featured in Moroccan news outlets.