The Women Judges Association of Malawi (WOJAM) Participates in a GBV Stakeholders Meeting in Blantyre

Our affiliated association in Malawi, the Women Judges Association of Malawi (WOJAM), was among the participants of a gender-based violence (GBV) stakeholders meeting hosted by the Women Legal Resource Center (WOLREC) in Blantyre.

According to Malawi 24, the goal of the meeting was to review the GBV related projects implemented in Malawi in the last year. 

WOLREC stated that, according to the stakeholders, “dealing with GBV in the country needs a network of several Non-Governmental Organizations with a common goal,” which is the reason for WOLREC’s engagement with other NGOs through these types of meetings.

Despite the efforts of these NGOs, GBV is still widespread in most districts. WOJAM’s vice-president, Jean Kaira, explained that there has been an increase in GBV cases. She continued, “for WOJAM, our main component is about being sensitive in court when we have got the victims as witnesses and we have trained our officers to be sensitive in handling such cases and that magistrates are told to be innovative.”

“GBV cases are increasing and it’s because people are now more aware of their rights and responsibilities, they know places where to report for duty bearers to take their cases to courts. So, the increase is coming in because of awareness.”

In an effort to promote access to justice in GBV cases, WOJAM implemented a “mobile court service delivery” in which courts move to rural areas to facilitate access for victims. 

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