Tunisian Association of Women Judges (TAWJ) Conducts Activity for Judges on Conflict Mediation

Tunisia | The Tunisian Association of Women Judges (TAWJ) conducted a training activity for almost 50 judges from all regions in the country on “mediation techniques in conflict management.” The goal of the training was to allow judges to learn new methods of dispute resolution.

The workshop gave judges tools on how to achieve long-lasting peaceful solutions and improve communication between judges and plaintiffs.

Participants learned about mediation. Particularly, about the techniques of active listening and reformulation.

The training provided judges with information on the concept of mediation; mediation techniques (including interpersonal communication techniques); assets for group dynamics, meeting behavior and decision support; and strategies for problem solving.

Throughout the two days of the training, judges had the opportunity to share their professional experiences with coleages and to apply practical exercises that can be applied in their daily work.