“Why the gender of your judge matters” by Ms. Melissa Evans on behalf of UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network

Ms. Melissa Evans, Consultant at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime on behalf of the Global Judicial Integrity Network Secretariat, wrote an Op-Ed titledWhy the gender of your judge matters” for Apolitical. The IAWJ is a partner of UNODC’s Global Judicial Integrity Network.

In her article, Ms. Evans addresses why gender parity and a gender perspective in the judiciary are key to achieving equal justice and an unbiased judiciary.

Representation of women in the judiciary is key to ensuring that the courtroom accurately represents its citizens, addresses their concerns and provides them with sound decisions.

Conversely, the lack of equal representation could lead to the distrust of the public in the judiciary or even prevent equal access to justice. The Global Judicial Integrity Network supports raising awareness for gender-related issues in the judiciary to help combat these issues.

Throughout the article, Ms. Evans quotes IAWJ President, Hon. Vanessa Ruiz (US) and IAWJ member, Hon. Shiranee Tilakawardane (Sri Lanka), among other judges.

She states that,

The Global Judicial Integrity Network is addressing gender-related issues, like lack of representation and unequal access to justice, by drawing upon the diverse experiences of judges worldwide to identify and raise awareness in the judiciary.

We invite you to read Ms. Evans article on Apolitical‘s website here.