World Bank Law, Justice and Development Week Featured a Panel on Sextortion

On Wednesday, 08 November 2017, IAWJ Senior Adviser, Ms. Nancy Hendry, was interviewed by Tazeen Hasan, of the World Bank, in a panel titled, “When the Bribe Isn’t Money: Combating ‘Sextortion’ as a Corrupt Practice.” Sextortion is a global phenomenon that has a devastating impact on women and other vulnerable persons. Sextortion occurs when an individual entrusted with authority abuses their power in exchange for a personal benefit in the form of a sexual favor.


Gender topics and women equality were a focal point of the World Bank’s Law, Justice, and Development Week 2017. In fact, IAWJ Human Rights Education Director, Anne Goldstein, took part in a panel on 07 November titled, “Women’s Access to Justice in Fragile, Conflict and Crisis Situations: Backlash, Progress and Ways Forward– A Focus on Gender-based Violence.” More information on Ms. Goldstein’s panel can be found here. The overarching theme of the week is Gender, Law and Development. The event took place at the World Bank in Washington, DC from 06-10 November 2017. The event features a number of interesting and important topics, such as “International and Regional Mechanisms on Violence against Women,” “Violence Against Women Around the World,” “Let Girls Be Girls, Not Brides: The Role of Laws, Policies, and Targeted Programs in Ending Child Marriage,” and many more that can be found in the event’s program.


Ms. Hendry has led a number of IAWJ initiatives on Sextortion and is an expert on the issue. A recap of the live session can be found above.  You can also access a recording of the event at the World Bank’s Women, Business, and the Law Facebook page or Djembe Communications Facebook page. Thank you to everyone who tweeted us at @IntlWomenJudges with the hashtag #LJDWeek2017 and #GenderEquality.